It is fortunate to be able to speak Mandarin, don’t lose It’. In recent years, with the speedy development of China, and our close working relations with them, many parents notice the importance of learning Mandarin. To meet the increasing demands, Yu Cai Language Centre is offering Chinese Enrichment Programs to help build up the Chinese foundation of the Y-generation and also to provide supportive guidance in their Chinese studies


English is one of the four official languages in Singapore and it is the language whereby most Singaporeans gain access to information and knowledge around the world. The ability to speak and write good English is also an essential skill in our workplace.

Yu Cai Language Centre has a comprehensive range of English courses to start building a strong foundation for young children and accompany them throughout their primary and secondary school years to hone their mastery of the English language.


Mathematics is the cornerstone of our education system. The world’s increasing reliance on technology means that subjects like Maths take on an utmost importance. Hence the new Mathematics curriculum in Singapore has also changed considerably to make sure our students can keep pace in this competitive global environment.

At Yu Cai, our teachers help students achieve competency in Mathematics and give them the valuable confidence to do well in this subject.


Education in our modern times is not simply about rote learning and one of the main objectives of education is to get children to be inquisitive inquirers. Our Science curriculum is in line with this goal and seeks to inculcate a sense of curiosity among children whereby they are constantly seeking knowledge to better understand the world around them.

Our Primary Science syllabus aims to provide students with experiences to help build their interest and understanding of themselves and their surrounding environment. We will also develop their critical thinking skills, good habits and positive attitude. Lastly, our teachers will also help students appreciate how science influences people and the environment.