Chinese -> Interactive Learning for Preschool, Age 4-6


Interactive Learning for Preschool Chinese, Age 4-6

4 lessons per month, 48 lessons per year

American researcher, Holdaway, has designed a teaching method known as ‘Shared Book Reading’. Through singing and reading, children are able to improve their reading and writing abilities. Simple stories with deep moral values will also be read in class to impart basic Chinese philosophies.

Lesson Details
  • Conversation with students using pictorial aids to remove any nervousness and uneasiness of students. ( 5 mins )
  • Revision of work done in the last lesson. Eg. Sentence structure, Chinese vocabularies ( 5 mins)
  • Teaching of new topics. Eg. Learning of new nursery rhymes, stories, learning important words and structure, learning writing strokes, Han Yu Pin Yin... ( 30-40 mins)
  • Completing writing practices with the help of teachers ( 20-30 mins)
  • Handicraft and interactive sessions ( 5-10mins)
  • Revision of today’s lesson