English -> Interactive learning for Preschool, Age 4-6


Interactive Learning for Preschool English, Age 4-6

4 lessons per month, 48 lessons per year

By the end of N2, your child will be able to:

  • Identify left and right
  • Identify letters A to Z
  • Able to write letters A to Z
  • Able to trace straight lines, curved lines and zigzag lines
  • Start learning simple vocabulary

By the end of K2, your child will be able to:

  • Write Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Be familiar with beginning sounds and ending sounds of letters (Phonics)
  • Read and write common words like body parts, animals, family, food, stationery items, weather etc.
  • Be familiar with digraphs and rhyming words
  • Understand simple verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  • Understand simple punctuation rules
  • Understand simple present tense and past tense